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About Us

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1996, Hyperbaric Health Pty. Ltd. is a medical services company specialising in hyperbaric medicine.

Based in Australia, the Hyperbaric Health brand is recognised as the largest and most active provider/supplier of hyperbaric medical services and equipment in the Asia Pacific region. As of 2012 Hyperbaric Health owns and or manages 46 hyperbaric systems located in 19 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The range of services Hyperbaric Health provide include:

  • Comprehensive medical facilities for the provision of clinical treatments, emergency treatments and occupational and recreational fitness to dive assessments
  • Design, manufacture, supply, training and maintenance of hyperbaric systems
  • Sales/lease of hyperbaric equipment
  • Distribution of related hyperbaric equipment
  • Support of infrastructure development including major tunnelling operations
  • Research

Wound Hospitals is a subsidiary of Hyperbaric Health Pty. Ltd. created out of the realisation that Australia requires better wound care solutions. Too many people across Australia are suffering unnecessarily with indications such as non-healing wounds and radiotherapy injuries.

We are Australia’s leading private specialist wound care hospitals that utilise hyperbaric treatments. We ease the load of the public services. Rather than dressing wounds indefinitely, we aim to address the underlying root cause of the problem, to heal the wound and help prevent it from coming back.

Our focus is also to increase education and awareness around the indications we can assist with, as potential patients and Health Professionals often are not aware of the services we provide to treat specific kinds of wounds and injuries.

Subsequently, it is also important for us to increase awareness around the indications we cannot assist with at present. We pride ourselves in only treating indications approved by the Australian Government and accepted by the medical community. All of our treatments are evidence based.

Hyperbaric Health’s Wound Hospitals have performed over 50,000 treatments over the past 17+ years. We have 50+ staff across Australia, 10+ doctors, 20+ nurses throughout our hospitals. We are licensed and accredited Australian Hospitals. Our services are often medicare rebatable, sometimes bulk billed and we have contracts with major health funds and DVA.

When numerous medical interventions have been tried and not succeeded, this is often when Wound Hospitals breaks through and heals wounds with impressive results.