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Diabetes Related Wounds:

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia with diabetes related wound diseases being more prevalent in those with a longer duration of diabetes. As ulceration and infection can ultimately lead to amputation and increased morbidity, it is important that people who have diabetes and develop a wound are attended to quickly.

There are a lot of excellent wound clinics around Australia that can in most cases heal your wound(s) with standard wound care. Attending a wound clinic is a great first step toward healing. We now provide both standard wound care as well as specialist wound care, meaning we can now assist you regardless of where you are on your wound journey. Our specialist treatments are highly effective at healing wounds/ulcers and we specialise in diabetic wound care.

If you have diabetes and a wound you should contact us today. We can assist you towards achieving better health.

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How we will process your enquiry:

All relevant enquiries are connected with a qualified specialist wound care nurse or doctor who will provide a free over the phone consultation where they can discuss the medical situation in detail.

Our doctors and nurses will assess your situation and advise if our treatment is appropriate for you.

If the medical staff think we are a relevant treatment option to pursue, they will suggest for a physical assessment to take place (which is usually Medicare rebatable).

If the medical staff decide we are not currently an appropriate avenue, they may have suggestions for other services and treatment options to explore.

Patient Costs:

Hyperbaric treatment for patients with diabetes is usually covered completely under Medicare in Australia, meaning there are no out of pocket costs to the patient for this treatment if they Medicare eligible and/or have Private Health Insurance.

We bulk bill, have no gap payments for major health funds and DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs), and are licensed and fully accredited private hospitals.

Transport/Accommodation Assistance:

In many cases we can assist with organising patient transport to and from our hospitals.

We also have a range of subsidised possibilities open to patients who qualify for accommodation support because they live a significant distance away from our hospitals. We help patients from intrastate, interstate and overseas who require accommodation during the course of their treatment.

Please ask us about these options if you believe they may be relevant to you.

If you are currently undergoing wound care with your health care professional:

 Undergoing wound care with your health care professional is a great first step towards healing. Standard wound care can often quickly resolve a wound concern.

Standard wound care is not always successful though. If you are not seeing any improvements with the care you are currently receiving, contact us. The treatments we provide can often end the ongoing cycle of dressing care patients with non-healing wounds have faced prior to seeing us.

If 90 days have passed since the wound first appeared and the wound is still not healing, then you should contact us regarding our specialist wound care.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with our adjunctive dressing care heals 75% of wounds that were not successfully healed through standard wound care alone. We can work with your current health care professional so they are aware of your progress throughout treatment.

A referral from your current health care professional is not necessary to initiate contact with us.

We do and are welcome to receiving referrals from health care professionals too though. We are always looking to develop connections with health care professionals and can provide referral pads to your health care professional as well if they would like.

A lot of people with diabetes and wound(s) are of the belief their wound(s) will not heal, having spent months or years underdoing dressing care without significant result. They have learnt to live with their wound(s). Wounds that appear following diabetes can significantly impact on your quality of life. The wound(s) require continuous care, can smell, can exudate (seep liquid), can be painful and can lead to infection and complications arising from infection (sometimes including gangrene and amputation).

Again, even if you previously sought wound care treatment or are currently seeking wound care treatment, if your wound appeared more than 90 days ago you should contact Wound Hospitals.

How to contact us:

If you’ve learnt to live with a wound that won’t go away, Wound Hospitals could potentially change your life by healing your wound(s). Our objective is ultimately to get you back on your feet and enjoying life.

Despite where you are on your wound healing journey, it is worth contacting Wound Hospitals to discuss your situation so we can help you create an appropriate treatment plan. If you have diabetes and a wound that that is not healing, we may be able to assist you to better health.

You do not necessarily have to accept that wound as a continuing part of your life. We don’t accept it. Let’s work together to heal your wound(s).

To initiate a conversation about healing your wound(s), you can call us on 13 96 86 (13 WOUND), start a live chat with us online or visit one of our hospital units in Australia.